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Winter is Coming

Did you ever drive down the highway past a rocky outcrop and noticed all the pieces of fallen rock at the side of the road? Did you ever wonder how the pieces of solid rock became shards and rubble on the side of the road? That is the power of winter weather. It can...

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How Healthy is Your Stucco?

How Healthy is Your Stucco? View our latest video presentation that walks you through the health of the stucco on the exterior of your home, the potential risks associated with it and a guide to our stucco inspection process. Call, email or fill out our contact form...

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Moisture Probe Test vs Thermal Imaging

Many people are horrified by the thought of drilling holes through the stucco facade of their home.  This leads them to pursue other avenues such as thermal imaging to determine the health of their stucco. The truth is, the holes required for a probe test are tiny...

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3 Common Stucco Myths

1) My stucco looks good so I have no problems. Wrong! The vast majority of failed stucco problems are hidden behind the stucco. Sheathing rots and disintegrates over the course of time, framing members become waterlogged and moldy, subfloor materials become soft as...

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Top 3 Reasons to Test Your Stucco

1)    Protect Your Investment Your home is likely the most important purchase you will make in your lifetime. Failing stucco can devalue your home as much as 80% in extreme cases.  Even small stucco problems will reduce your home’s value by 20 to 30 percent.  Fixing...

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Certified Stucco Testing Specialists Are Ready

If you have questions or concerns with the stucco outside your home, call us today. Our certified and qualified inspectors will examine the exterior of your home and provide you with available options and resolutions. Call us at (610) 994-0287 or email us at We look forward to servicing you!