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All STS inspectors are certified through EDI.


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We at STS, the Stucco Testing Specialists, are dedicated to providing accurate and concise stucco testing reports to homeowners, real estate buyers and commercial property owners.

All STS inspectors are certified as EIFS (Stucco) 3rd Party Inspectors through EDI, the Exterior Design Institute.  In addition, all have a comprehensive history of construction and leak detection.  These attributes make our inspectors the best in the industry and uniquely qualifies them to provide accurate and professional services that you can trust and rely on.

Each certified inspector carries a comprehensive testing tool kit to allow for moisture testing not only on the exterior of the structure, but inside the property also.  This is done with the use of an invasive pin probe inspection on the exterior, and the ability to use a pinless (non-invasive) test meter on the interior.  These two strategies combined create a thorough and complete picture of the moisture profile of any building.

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If you have questions or concerns with the stucco outside your home, call us today. Our certified and qualified inspectors will examine the exterior of your home and provide you with available options and resolutions. Call us at (610) 994-0287 or email us at info@stuccotestingspecialists.com. We look forward to servicing you!