Stucco Inspection Services

We are a specialist stucco inspection company devoted specifically to identifying stucco problems. We are geared towards helping homeowners and real estate professionals understand what they are dealing with and how best to address any given situation with the most economical solution.

What We Do

Stucco Inspection EDI Certified Stucco Inspectors in PA


Stucco inspections for residential homes and neighborhoods.

Stucco Inspection EDI Certified Stucco Inspectors in PA

Real Estate

Stucco inspections for real estate buyers or sellers.

Stucco Inspection EDI Certified Stucco Inspectors in PA


Stucco tests for commercial projects, such as apartments, retail outlets and more.

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Residential Stucco Inspection

At STS, we conduct stucco inspections for residential homes and neighborhoods. All of our stucco inspectors are EDI Certified and we are fully licensed and insured to conduct stucco inspections. There are various reasons for homeowners to get a stucco inspection done on their home or a prospective home. A recommended annual stucco or EIFS inspection and regular maintenance will go a long way to avoid any serious failure.

  • Signs of Moisture
  • Visible Moisture Leaks
  • Staining on Stucco Exterior
  • Window Leaks
  • Leaks Around Doors & Framing
  • Time of Stucco Installation
  • Surface or Cosmetic Cracks
  • Different Exterior Insulation Systems
  • No Prior Stucco Inspections

Real Estate Stucco Inspection

Buying a home with a full or partial stucco facade? Protect yourself with the peace of mind of knowing what lies beneath the stucco. It is becoming very well known that many stucco applications are failing due to incorrect building codes in the past. Hidden damage can be extensive, even behind what looks like stucco in perfect condition. Don’t be caught off guard, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Expedited Upon Request
  • Competitive Prices
  • Specialty Inspection Service
  • Meticulously Organized & Concise
  • Details Results of Stucco Inspection
  • Provides Information on Property
  • Checklist of Inspection Points

Commercial Stucco Inspection

From hospitals and hotels to office buildings and retirement homes, we inspect and test them all. A full customized inspection report is provided for each project, detailing all inspection findings including moisture and resistance readings. Our professional specialist will work with you to determine an inspection scope that will fit the requirements of your building.

  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Boutique Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Multi-Family Housing Buildings
  • Sports Facilities
  • Medical Centers

Expedited Stucco Inspection

We understand that sometimes things come up at the last minute. Home buyers suddenly realize that they need a stucco inspection, but they are supposed to close on the sale in a couple of days. No need for panic, STS offers fast service and expedited report services. 24 Hour Turnaround – We can inspect your property and have a stucco inspection report in your hands the next day. STS works on your timeline while keeping costs at a minimum.

  • 24 Hr Turnaround
  • Normal 24-48 Hr Turnaround
  • Fast Real Estate Closings
  • Unforeseen Delays In Real Estate
  • Emergency Stucco Inspections
  • Commercial Deadlines

Why are you waiting?

If your home has a Stucco facade and has not had a stucco inspection carried out in the last 2 years, you should consider getting a stucco inspection. If you are buying or selling a stucco home, a stucco test is highly recommended to uncover any hidden problems and avoid costly lawsuits.

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