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Stucco problems or signs of stucco repair issues? A stucco inspection is a valuable first step in determining whether there are serious issues and costs involved with the condition of the exterior stucco of your home. Read through our frequently asked questions and determine if you need to schedule a stucco inspection today.

Do I need a stucco inspection?

If your home has a Stucco facade and has not had a stucco test carried out in the last 2 years, you should consider getting a stucco test. If you are buying or selling a stucco home, a stucco test is highly recommended to uncover any hidden problems and avoid costly lawsuits.

Why does stucco fail?

The stucco itself is usually the last thing to show signs of failure. When water enters behind the concrete stucco and gets absorbed into the sheathing and framing, vast amounts of hidden damage can occur, leading to the eventual collapse of the supporting wooden framing.

Stucco problems come from the failure of the application and/or inadequate construction materials and techniques, including the lack of an adequate drainage system that allows the stucco to purge itself. Homes built between 1993 and 2006 have a much higher failure rate, estimated as high as 90%, due to incorrect building codes during that timeframe.

How do you test the stucco?

A comprehensive stucco test is carried out by moisture and resistance testing. Pairs of small holes, 3/16th”, are drilled into the stucco at specific locations on the house. These inconspicuous holes are small and are filled with a color matching caulk product when completed. A moisture probe is inserted through these holes and into the substrate and framing behind the stucco.

What does the moisture indicate?

The moisture content of the substrate indicates the health of the building envelope. A resistance probe determines the integrity of the substrate and the framing behind the stucco. This is accompanied with a visual inspection to determine the existence or lack of building details such as expansion joints, weep screeds, flashings and kickout diverters along with the existence and health of caulk joints and sealants around penetrations.

Can I tell if my stucco is failing?

Visually it is impossible to see the hidden problems beneath failing stucco applications, although in some instances, if the problem exists for long enough before being addressed, signs start to become evident. Dark staining on the facade, damp interior drywall, mold spots appearing on internal walls can all indicate a serious stucco failure requiring remediation to be carried out.

What will I receive when I book a test?

You will receive a comprehensive stucco inspection carried out by an EDI certified inspector. The test will consist of moisture and resistance testing throughout the building envelope along with a complete visual inspection of the entire exterior facade. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report informing you of the health of your stucco system accompanied by recommendations for areas in need of repair or preventative maintenance.

What type of equipment is used?

Our certified stucco testing specialists use state of the art Extech moisture meters with hammer probes. The Extech gives a much more accurate moisture reading than the typical cheaper probes used by many companies. The Extech reads moisture content from 1% to 100% versus a scale of 1-40 on inferior meters. This eliminates any guessing games on just how much moisture the substrate is holding.

Should I get a stucco inspection for a real estate transaction?

Besides stucco failure, real estate transactions are one of the most common reasons buyers and sellers have stucco inspections conducted. It is wise for a buyer or seller to have a stucco inspection done so that any issues are known and disclosed before any contracts are signed. A stucco inspection by an EDI Certified stucco inspector, in addition to a traditional home inspection, is the most advisable decision when considering buying or selling real estate.


How much does a stucco inspection cost?

The actual cost of a stucco inspection will depend on a number of factors such as square footage of the property, location and ease of access. A larger building with more surface area will require more moisture probe sites, more readings and more time to inspect.

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Why should I get a stucco inspection?

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How much does a stucco inspection cost?

A professional stucco inspection should cost from approximately $500 to $1,200 for a typical residential stucco inspection. The actual cost of a stucco inspection will depend on a number of factors such as square footage of the property, location and ease of access. A...

Commercial Stucco Inspection

Our professional specialist will work with you to determine an inspection scope that will fit the requirements of your building.

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24 Hour Turnaround – We can inspect your property and have a stucco inspection report in your hands the next day. 

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