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1) My stucco looks good so I have no problems.

Wrong! The vast majority of failed stucco problems are hidden behind the stucco. Sheathing rots and disintegrates over the course of time, framing members become waterlogged and moldy, subfloor materials become soft as the moisture penetrates further into the structure. Rim joists rot away leading to the eventual failure of the support structure. All this happens behind deceptively “healthy looking” stucco. Appearances can be, and often are, deceptive when it comes to the world of stucco.

2) I can just fix the cracks.

If it was only that easy! Stucco is a cementitious material, and is therefore fundamentally porous. Moisture is absorbed through the stucco itself, which is why an adequate drainage plain is required behind the stucco application. This allows a path for the absorbed water to be evacuated from the stucco system, in additional to allowing airflow behind the stucco to dry out any residual moisture. Fixing cracks is purely aesthetic and will not stop the moisture problem nor prevent further deterioration.

3) My home inspector did not mention anything about the stucco so I’m good, right?

Sadly no. Most home inspectors are not geared towards stucco, and many are not even aware of the current problems that are becoming more and more evident as time goes on. Stucco failure is a new topic, only just coming to light, and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. An educated, experienced and qualified stucco inspector is required to recognize potential stucco failures.

E.D.I. Certified Stucco Inspectors

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