We get asked this question on many occasions, and the answer is always the same, it depends…
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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance will usually cover damage to stucco caused by things such as a fallen tree, or fire. They often do NOT cover stucco damage caused by lack of maintenance or even incorrect installation. That being said, we have seen instances were a customer’s homeowners insurance has covered damage caused by incorrect installation, and also cases were the damage was caused by lack of maintenance. So, the answer to whether or not your insurance company will cover your stucco damage is still “it depends”.

Why Did the Damager Occur?

First you need to answer the question “why did the damage occur?”. If this isn’t immediately obvious, you should have professional stucco inspection carried out by a certified stucco inspector. Whether the damaging factor is obvious or not, contact your insurance company and report the damage as soon as possible and take steps to start repairs. In situations when repairs are not carried out in a timely fashion, we have seen insurance companies deny claims based on the argument that the homeowner did not act quickly enough to mitigate the damages. You will not lose anything by contacting your insurance company, they may cover your claim, they may not. But one thing is for sure, they will definitely not pay you a penny if you don’t file a claim.
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Why are you waiting?

If your home has a Stucco facade and has not had a stucco inspection carried out in the last 2 years, you should consider getting a stucco inspection. If you are buying or selling a stucco home, a stucco test is highly recommended to uncover any hidden problems and avoid costly lawsuits.