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Things to Consider

If you are thinking of purchasing a stucco clad house, there are a few things that you should be aware of, and some things you must consider. Firstly, not all stucco homes are created equal, but you should absolutely not dismiss a house just because it has a stucco facade. A well installed stucco application will last for many, many years and will look beautiful with a minimum amount of maintenance. On the other hand, a badly installed stucco application could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs. So, how do you know the difference? Well, you probably can’t, not without some help anyway. Thankfully there are steps you can take to find out.


Not All Stucco Inspectors are Equal

Call a reputable stucco inspection company, check their references and steer well clear of any stucco remediation and repair companies that offer stucco inspections themselves. This is a clear conflict of interest. What about a free stucco inspection? There are some companies offering a “free stucco inspection”, but is it really free? What is the catch? Is it free only if the home “passes”? This is obviously a bait scenario to be avoided because you may be stuck using a specific repair company in order to avoid paying for a stucco inspection. However, this could lead to paying a very inflated price for repairs because you are limited to the stucco repair company that gave you a “free” inspection instead of being able to get multiple estimates for comparison. Be smart, these companies are in business to make money, and nobody would make money giving things away for free.

Ask Questions

Once you have selected a reputable stucco inspection company, ask lots of questions! Know what you are dealing with and the extent of any maintenance that may be required, or the potential extent of any hidden deterioration. Ask the inspector to discuss your report with you so that you fully understand the financial implications of the report. With this knowledge, you can make a decision on a home without fear of hidden repair costs down the road, everything will be upfront and known. You will likely be able to obtain a significant reduction in purchase price if repairs are necessary, this is not something to be afraid of, but should be seen as an opportunity. If the home you want does have stucco problems, you now have the opportunity to change the facade to your own style, without having to bear the financial burden.

So, in short, don’t be afraid of a stucco house, be informed.

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Why are you waiting?

If your home has a Stucco facade and has not had a stucco inspection carried out in the last 2 years, you should consider getting a stucco inspection. If you are buying or selling a stucco home, a stucco test is highly recommended to uncover any hidden problems and avoid costly lawsuits.